Speech-to-Text live streaming for live captions, powered by the world's leading speech recognition API

Rev AI's live streaming Speech-to-Text engine powers real-time captioning for your business. Our captions ensure that live talks and trainings are accessible and can be archived for future use.

Get your transcription in real-time with Rev AI's streaming API.

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Rev AI serves your industry

Live captioning for media and entertainment
Media and entertainment
Increase the accessibility of your live web or broadcast content.
Live captioning for education
Increase the accessibility of your lectures, webinars, and events with real-time streaming.
Live captioning for call centers
Call centers and analytics
Transcribe calls in real-time and train support or sales agents.
Live captioning for many other industries
Many more
Transcribe meetings, trainings, and events in real-time.
Live Streaming Speech Recognition Features
Global English coverage

Our single English model supports all major English accents from around the world, eliminating the need to pay extra and switch models for different speakers and conversations. We provide you with the best English results out-of-the-box, regardless of who is speaking. More languages coming soon.

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Low latency
Low latency
We produce real-time captions with limited lag.
See for yourself
Advanced punctuation and capitalization
Advanced punctuation and capitalization
We use natural language processing to produce transcripts that are highly accurate, fully punctuated, context-aware, and readable.
Custom vocabulary
Custom vocabulary
Share unique names, industry-specific terminology, and more to improve the accuracy of your transcripts.
Filter profanity
Filter profanity
Quickly filter ~600 potentially offensive words from your captions.
See the start time and end time for each word.
Multiple streaming protocols
Multiple streaming protocols Alpha
We support WebSocket and RTMPS protocols.
Get real-time captions
Rev AI's live streaming API lets developers deploy solutions quickly and at scale.
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